Monday, December 28, 2009

The Digestive Theory

One night during the routine 'su-su' session:

We have a mixie inside
When we eat the food goes into the mixie and goes round and round and then we have 'motion'
When we drink water there is a yellow mug inside that pours the water into the mixie and we have 'yellow su-su'
When we drink lotsa water there is another mug which pours water into the mixie and we have 'white su-su'

And a wee bitta maths in science to make things more interesting

Su-su is equal to one
Motion is equal to not the usual two

Hear all ye docs...this is Achu's Digestive Theory

Update : When Achu had a tummy ache

As we grow taller the mugs we have increase in number....So Amma has more mugs than Achu ...Each mug has one color.... Now all the colors are in the mixie that's why Achu's having a tummy ache

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