Monday, March 21, 2011

Graduation and more

Achu had his Graduation day on 17/03/2011.
He was very excited.
Because he would have a whole 2 weeks of holidays after the day!!!!

The Principal gave a little speech about the new curriculum. 
The children sang "All things bright and beautiful"
Achu and his friend S had different things to do while the whole group joyfully sang.
Then they called out each kid and gave them the certificate.
Achu will be in grade 1 when he's back to school on 01/04/2011!
The Chief Guest was Jyothi from the CBSE educational wing.
And she gave a brilliant speech.
She wanted each child to be exposed to 9 skills/areas during their educational years.

1. Verbal
2. Musical
3. Mathamatical
4. Visual
5. Intrapersonal
6. Interpersonal
7. Kinetic
8. Environmental
9. Spiritual

She made alot of sense. She advised  the parents and teachers to get the children used to all these activities during their years of study and identify what they are good at. Then nurturing the areas that they excel in will make them successful in what they do and most importantly they will love what they do.

So true.Gone are the times when we thought that blessed are those who find their dream jobs. We have the key in our hands today.It is the educational system and parents who have to guide each child into his/her line of excellence and love.....

I promise to take my step....will you?

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