Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ufh! These Terrible Tantrums

Wonder when Achu will stop shouting at people. I have no idea where he learnt it from. Everybody around him never raise their voices except for M. Maybe he got it from him. M has a loud voice and general y screams out his orders.:) 

When you ask me?
  • Don't get him his toy
  • Don't listen to him
  • Laugh at him
  • Wake him up for school
  • Ask him to eat
  • Ask him to have a bathe/use the toilet 
  • Ask him to do anything he is not interested to do 
What you get.....
  • high decibel shreiks
  • crocodile tears
  • UFOs all around
It does get to be very embarrassing at times. Poor J who looks after him gets shouted at so often. In the house it is bearable since we have got used to it. But outside? When he goes out to play with the other kids who come with their toys he is fine until they play with him then when its time for them to go Achu starts creating a big scream session.Its J who bears the grunt.

Go to the supermarket or mall with Achu. He is a good child until he lays his eyes on something he wants. We get him things to eat and play very often. M and I have stopped getting him cars since he has so many. So usually when he creates a scene to get a car we protest or ignore and then the fireworks happen. He emotionally blackmails Appupa to get him cars from time to time.( Now that's another story)

When Appupa is around this fella has a total act in place. First he screams , shouts, walks around the room banging doors , dropping unbreakable things (He doesn't have the courage to break anything), huffs and puffs. Then when we ignore he starts to cry, runs and lies down like the heroine in the movie does on the floor or plops on the bed. And then dear Appupa screams at us !!!!!!! Achu gets his way.End of story.

M's technique is simple. He just screams back and Achu calms down! When we reason out ,try to distract,cuddle him or give him options he shouts back!!!! Why?!


Niv said...

hi there!read ur message on fb, just got bored of blogging:) asusual, nothing new:)
well, Dooby is pretty much the same, except its not screaming, shes a regular crybaby, so we have nicknamed her penaachi paaru lol
so when the crying and whining begins, we all say PP in unison, which ofcourse leads to more tears:)
Really maddening and yes embarrassing:)
Luckily folks here are scared of me, so noone gets their way:)

Gayatri said...

- Thanks Nivs that was reassuring :)
- But hey! Am sure missing ur blogs :(..get back in here lady...

Rohini said...

Uff. This kids live to turn our hair grey, don't they. Hang in there. Slowly but steadily, it will get better