Wednesday, March 23, 2011


 Random chat

Achu: Amma you know what...
me: what da?
Achu: sometimes when I sleep...I am not sleeping
me: huh?!
Achu: I close my eyes but I know what's happening all around me...(and smiles)
me: ohhhoooo....( will double check next time hmmmm!)

The AXE commercial with this guy spraying on the deo and a bunch of gals attacking him flashed on the LCD.

Achu: Amma I want this spray...(and gives a naughty smile)
me: For what???????...(dreading what the answer would be)
Achu: Gurrrllllzzzz......(with a giggle and a wink)
me: What!!!!!!.....(getting slightly dizzy)
Achu: If I spray that then you will come to me right? you are a girl. I don't need to shout out a hundred times. It will be easy.
me: ohhhhh! (relieved but has a tiny doubt on his intentions ;b)

India vs West Indies Match going on. Everybody watching seriously.

Achu: Amma do girls play cricket?
me: Yes they do
Achu: what do they wear?
me: The same thing men wear....(wondering where this is heading to)
Achu: after a lot of thinking.....but they will have a line in between no?
me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (OMG!!)

So what next?

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha....All the best!