Monday, March 14, 2011

Grandparents day at school

It was Grandparents day at Achu's school
The children were asked to dress up as their favorite cartoon character.
And what we saw on stage......
Many as : Spiderman,Barbie,Chota Bheem,Ben10,Dora,Mickey Mouse,Tom.
Few as : Donald Duck,Cinderella, Jerry
Just One: Jackie Chan,Jasmine,Bob the builder,Tinker Bell,Thomas the engine,Oswald,Jess from Toy Story and Mr.Bean

Yes.Achu became his personal hero Mr.Bean for a day.
There was only one Mr.Bean and that was my lil boy.

  • The Coat - Rented ( After a little hunt for a whole suit set we thought it was better to rent just the coat. Beacause a) The probability of Achu wearing a coat was negligible b) Chennai has just one season - sultry summer! c) the suit set costs a fortune d) Achu drinks milk and grows!) - The man at the counter told us it was a Bharathiyar coat. We had no option so had to take it though Mr.Bean is mostly in a brownish/greenish coat.
  • The shirt - M got him a full sleeved white cotton shirt ages ago on his trip to US. It was big when he first wore it. It was perfect this time round.
  • The Tie - Acha's ( A blue one with red lines...yeah yeah Mr.Bean has a red one with yellow on it...I did search for a tie and but couldn't get one. Had one in the flat but was lazy to go and pick it up
  • The pant - A black ( Was planning to make him wear a formal looking black jean which he wore the previous time he was Mr.Bean..but boost you know never let's the child remain his size). don't really know how uncomfortable the fella was but he did it because he was to be his hero. Commitment.
  • The Shoes - He did have a formal pair. Small but ok. no socks
  • Teddy - We got him a teddy that looked closest to the one on the show. 
  • The Act - Achu is a natural. I taught him a couple of lines and made him repeat it for a few days before the big day. He reluctantly repeated it. each time he did he added or forgot a word or two.

"Hello! I am Mr.Bean. This is my Teddy. I love teddy.Oh! Grandma is calling .I have to go...." He confidently
said and rushed down the stage. 


anjali said...

Mr. Bean, really a nice choice..
Hope Achu rocked over the dais :)

Sranj said...

oh! his favorite.. and these kids almost behave like him already.. ask them to dance and they do the hip number of Mr. Bean, they laugh, the anger, the excitement.. kids believe that this is the way to emote these. Rowan Atkinson has made such an impact on these kids! you dint take a photo?