Thursday, September 10, 2009

Aha! The Inventive Vocalist

Achu has picked up a few bhajans at school and he keeps singing them always I mean ....always...yeah that's what I mean....he keeps repeating the lil he knows over and over again and what he doesn't know he puts in his own words....that's when the serious bhajan becomes a comedy....

"Om jai jagadheesha VARRREEEE".
"Ganesha sharanam sharanam ganesha..bam bam bola bam abam bolaaa reee...neelakandha neelakhanda reee...swami kandha swami kandha reee...."

Another of his all time favorites is our poor national anthem....but must admit he's good at it...he started of really young ....Used the anthem as a lullaby ...yeah patriotism to the core...jai hind!

Now he loves "nanha munna rahi hoon desh ka sipahi hoon bolo mere sang jai hind jai hind" ..and ragupathy raghava raja ram "..hmmm a fit candidate for the 2023 elections in the making....

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