Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Duh! We have a Winner ?!

Today Achu came back from school with a Gold Medal.

Me " Wooow what did u win that for ????"
Achu " For sportsday"
Me "!!!!!!!!"

Me "But Achu didn't go to school on sports day. Remember achu you were sick "
Achu "Itchi-chi Amma.....but I won Amma" ( A 70 mm smile that makes me forget where we started....)
Me" Ok great a huggy-buggy moment this is"
((((((achu & amma)))))

I still don't know if Achu won that or his sweet school gave out medals to all the kids in class....must find out at the next PTA meet.

This was his second sports day in life ...while the first at his play school saw achu, all of 2 and something years, stand still and gaze at his mom while the other kids ran towards the finish.

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