Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ehhh! The Itchi - chi Brand

"Itchi-chi Amma" he screams when he is upset. I guess I taught him the word that was meant to only refer to things which were dirty. Don't know when he exactly started terming anything bad as Itchi-chi. Today any disapproving remark he hears from anybody in his world he prefixes the 'I' word to it......

Gets his mid day drink 2 seconds later -  "Itchi-chi Ammamma"
Doesn't get his zillionth car into his collection - "Itchi-chi Appuppa"
Channel changed from POGO/Disney  to sports/news -"Itchi-chi Acha"
Haven't been transported from bed to sofa in the morning - "Itchi-chi Amma"
Give a smile when he trips - "Itchi-chi XXXX"

Anything under the sun which qualifies 0.00000001% disturbing will be termed "Itchi-chi"

The number of  "Itchi-chis" he uses per day would be more than 10 times the ones in this page.
May be its a passing phase. May be.  So maybe when the word jus vanishes from his vocab we wouldn't even know.....Initially it was embarssing but now the word has become silent !!!...Barely even notice its occurence...Its like "who are u?" "oh am Achu's Itchichi amma...."

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