Monday, September 7, 2009

Yeah! From Tummy to Heart

My dear achu fell sick ...and what I felt was a state of unexplainable helplessness...have posted it in my personal blog right here.

It is me who kept telling moms to stay detached from your kids so that you don't feel the pain when they have to leave you...they have to go so make it easy for them and yourself ....but the day achu fell sick I knew I was no less a attached specimen then all the zillions of moms out there...God it hurt....My mind kept telling my heart it was gonna be fine...but my heart refused to pain less...and infected my mind as panic followed ...then it took nothing less than a "Achu is fine" day to get me back to being the normal "detached " mom I claimed to be...

It must be tough to let go of a being that lived in you literally ...yes they are sure out of your tummy but they can never move out of your heart can they....???

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