Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Double U

Yesterday Achu had dictation at school and he didn't do very well. His teacher sent word that Achu boy needs to get his alphabets right.

Oh don't worry am not worried at all. The boy is five...give him some time. But I just wanted to check if its concentration he lacked or he really didn't know the alphabets. So Achu had night school yesterday with Me as his Teacher.

Me: Ok Children take out your book and pencil and write the letter W
Achu: Amma...oops Miss look I wrote W
Me: Good Boy ...sanjay stop talking and write like Rohit ..Achu too :)

Achu: Now tell me Miss why do we call W... Double U when we write Double V
Me: Hmmmmm Actually W is Double U but we write Double V...we can also write Double U..but in school your taught to write Double V ok...Phew!
Achu: Ok .....( thoughtfully)
Me: (Happy achu is happy with the explanation)....Ok next letter P
Achu: So At home we will call W Double V and in school we will call W Double U OK
Me: ( I knew something was coming)....Fine write the next letter P

We will have a detailed talk on the Double UV some sunny sunday baby !

BTW Achu got all the alphabets right. Concentration in class is what my boy needs to work on.

I have been asked to meet the teacher tomorrow....Am quite experienced at it now...let's see how it goes :)


Anonymous said...

Waiting for the post on the Double UV Sunday! Never could figure this out myself. :)

Niv said...

D is 6 and still doesnt write beautifully, while some others younger than her can write cursive writing ;but hey we are going to write all our life, so whats the hurry in getting all right:)
I wouldnt worry and I can see you r not:)

Gayatri said...

- @Jyothi: A long wait that will be ;b
- @Niv:Absolutely Niv :)Hugs on that one :D