Thursday, November 11, 2010

Meet the Teacher - Part 2

Achu and I walk into class...
T: Ahaa! ( shakes her head the way I wouldn't want her to) Rohit isn't getting his alphabets right..
Achu swirls, twirls and gives out a shy smile
Me: Well I made him write the alphabets at home and he did well Ma'am
T: That won't do....Amma just get his Assessment book ( she asks the attendant akka)
Me: I had a look at the book Ma'am and made him repeat it and he was ok
( T shakes her head again...and flips through the book  until she gets to the page that caused the whole show)
T: Look more than half wrong...he is not getting it right....please GET a FOUR line book and GET him to SIT EVERYDAY and write all the alphabets from A-Z once...then give him a dictation ...jumble them up ok?

( A slight level of giddiness had set into my brain as the whole episode was reaching THAT stage of getting my poor teeny weeny boy to SIT for a stretch of  'impossible' time (which can range from 1 minute to nearly 3 hrs) EVERYDAY...this I didn't want to happen but might have to happen...I'll tell you )

Me: Ma'am could it be because he lacks concentration or couldn't hear the teacher when the dictation was on? ( Aha! That should get her thinking...hmmm)

A feeble voice from behind rudely interrupted my interpretation...It was T2...The teacher who conducted the dictation. She was the substitute (parent) who was managing Achu's class for the past 2 weeks while his teacher was on vacation

T2: No...Actually Rohit got all the alphabets wrong and I made him sit next to me and write ..I didn't want to help him since I thought it wasn't fair ...being an assessment test....( there goes my case and so Achu AN dI might have to work a bit )
T: See...he HAS to get it right
T2: In class ...when its from the board he is doing good...( hip hip hooray hollered my heart ..that's something positive :)...)
Me:(The weather was cool but sweat pearls settled on my forehead and upper lip for reasons evident) Ok I will do that...Can you do a re-assessment ?
T: ( Sensing my disappointment) Oh That's ok. We can't do another assessment but we don't give marks do we...So it should be fine if he knows how to write that's all.
Me: Can you please test him some time in the coming weeks so we know where he stands?
T: We'll do that. Will do it in December ok?
Me:( Glad,settled with a restrained smile ) Thank You

I nod at T2 and T and leave with a not so comfortable feeling.

Me: Achu miss paranja keta ...let's practise everyday and We'll get Sudha Miss to give you 2 stars instead of 1 what do u say???????
Achu: (Ignoring)
Me: WHAT DO U SAY?OK??????
Achu: hmmmm ok

For the next few weeks
Achu = Achusuto (of the Jackie Chan clan ) , the hopefully obedient disciple
Me = The Tai-chi Master of the lost UKG Nation
To reclaim the title = The master of  Alphabetric Transcription

Wish us luck and a lot more......:D


RGB said...

Ha, ha...a hilarious account of the incident, which I understand might not have been funny for the parent (U).

He'll pick-up, don't worry. I remember, when my daughter was in Kindergarten, in the first open house the teacher said that Roann wasn't reciting the rhymes in class and my lower jaw nearly touched the floor in disbelief, bcoz she used to say it so fluently with all the actions at home. The next time over, to prove it to her teacher, me (the over-enthusiastic mom trying to prove her daughter was indeed smart!) recorded the recitation and played the video clip for the teacher to see. The teacher nodded but said that they would be able to evaluate only on the basis of how the kids perform at school. Bah! So much for that!!

Niv said...

the last part was really hilarious:)
especially you the Taichi Master of UKG nation:)

but jokes apart, dont get all hyper over it:)
Just telling you from my mistakes:)

Anonymous said...

He he..Don't get hyper at all like Niv said. These teachers can be over dramatic at times. He will do better in the December Test! Practice is needed of course,but three hours??? Even my kids do not sit that much in a day and they are in 6th and 8th! ;)

Gayatri said...

- Gee! Thanks Gals :)
- @jo: oh the 3 hrs include the thirst,hunger,loo & the just-like-that breaks :D

Sonu said...

I loved the last lines.."Thai-Chi Master of lost UKG nation."
I'm new to your blog.Loved reading it.digging some old posts.
and i hop achu is the best in alphabets by now.
Keep writing.
acoonodu njaan chodhichirunnoonnu parayutto.