Sunday, November 21, 2010

Win - Win

Itchy's post on the different boardgames she is getting her children to play made me realise that my boy isn't very different either....

Any game - Achu has to win.

Games played:

Cards : Just to drive in 'the bigger' number concept we had a pack of cards and Achu was delighted with this new game. Until one fine day we wanted to drive the 'its ok to lose' concept......that marked the end of card games.

Knots and Crosses : He picked knots then crosses...that's ok...but he picked winning always and never boring is that!

Snakes and ladders: You guessed right....We get swallowed by snakes and he climbs every ladder.

Joining the dots: Same story ...He does not flare up until the end when all the boxes are counted and we get more boxes than he marked.

Scrabble: He will start where he wants to....he places single letter words!!...replaces letters when he does not 'like' them!!!!! and takes our letters when he needs them....oh please!

Chess: Thought I will just let him know what chess is all about. Drew all the 'charecters' and named them. Achu was very very interested. Then I mentioned about how each one of them move across the board. He was totally into it...until....

Me: This is the Queen. She can move in any direction and take any number of steps. and this is the King he can move only one step at a time in any direction.
Achu : WHAT??????....This is not fair ....itchichi Amma ....yendho amma idhu? ( what is this?)
Me: Huh! what happened?* highly confused*
Achu : King is the most powerful and HE is the one who can move all over...NOT the queen
Me: shock gives way to reasoning...No Achu All the others safe guard the King so that's why they all move around while the King remains safe
Achu: Noway! am not going to agree..poooo ammaaaa
Me: sighhhhhhh!

Remind me to find out how Vishy picked up the game.........
And help me find games that don't require one player to win and another to not win!


RGB said...

Oh, they'll get over it. My daughter used to be that way, now she's over it.

You don't have to try too hard. This phase too shall pass:)

Anonymous said...

Yup! This phase will pass too. Not to worry. I am glad you find time to play with him so much. I remember struggling with dinner and all the housework in the evenings after work. Enjoy dear, these years never come back. :)

Aparna said...

First time on your blog, came in from Jyothi's.
I like the 'win at all cost' attitude of your son. Board games are no fun for the mothers. In fact I think no game is fun for the mothers, I'd rather curl up and read a book. Err...just a suggestion, have you taught him Solitaire?

Gayatri said...

- RGB :this too shall pass... righto :)
- Jo: I have an almost perfect support system at home so I find the time :D
- Totally agree Aparna: but then when I read all those mommy blogs I find it alarmingly intimidating that I barely do any 'fun' things with my lil one.Shud try solitaire Thx :b