Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fireworks at Five

Achu has always been scared of almost everything I am scared of....ranging from
- the lizard behind the showcase
- the cockos that fly....eeeeeeek!
- the long corridor
- the dark 'whatever'!
to the fireworks that go 'Bang'

But now Achu is five and seems to have overcome his fear of almost all of the above and infact greets the lizard, guides the roach ...but still rushes through the corridor and prevents himself from being alone in the dark!...

As far as the Fireworks go here's the scene
M: Achu don't you want crackers this diwali?
Achu: pinneee allathey ( then what? :)...)
M: Yendhakey venam? ( what all do you want?)
Me jumping in to be a side character  in the father son bonding scene...*grin*
Me: Just the normal stuff....sparklers ,flowerpot and chakaram that's all....
M: Adhu madhiya ? ( is that enough?)
Achu: Illa I want the red ones that go 'BANG' as well
M: All Smiles
Me: In Shock...partially glad he's growing up :)...while the other half misses the i-hate-bangs hugmate who hugged me through all the noise last year :( 

So its gonna be a high decibel diwali afterall....get me my ear plugs willya
Happy Diwali Folks.....


RGB said...

Ha, ha...that's like a brave boy! My 2 year old is also afraid of the lizard and the cock-oach (that's what she calls it!) and lightening/thunder and yes the noisy crackers. Somehow, she's not afraid of the dark, at least not yet!

Anonymous said...

Loving the snippets from Achu's life. Kids surprise us everyday with new things. I am glad you blog about it. Helps me relive some of those moments that I couldn't blog about!

Gayatri said...

- @RGB : hmmm and I thought fear of darkness is universal ;b thnks for dropping by :D
- @jyothi : Thanks gal :)..yeah kids are total blogable material aren't they :D