Monday, November 8, 2010

Invincibly Invisible

Two of my blog world friends Niv and Mamma of twins happened to touch on this subject and I thought I should do my bit…..

Achu is known for his acting skills and sometimes....he takes it too far …..

Backdrop 1: Acha is back from office and he spots Achu in the drawing room happily playing.

Suddenly Achu runs behind Acha and screams “Appupa njan evidey illa” (Grandpa I am not here!!). Signals me to remain quiet on his whereabouts and walks behind him shrieking away to glory.

Backdrop 2: We are about to leave for a family function and Achu is asked to get dressed. I leave a kurta and pants on his bed and leave him in his room for his nanny to dress him up.

Achu screams “Amma yenika kurta vendaaaaaaa…idhulaaaaaa” (I don’t want this kurta….I won’t wear it). Silently has a wash, wears the outfit and then keeps shouting “Idhula” ( won’t wear ) with interim giggles while am getting dressed in the other room and HAVE to shout “ Please kutta” , “Please Monnu” and the likes.

Then he walks out of the room mummified by a towel with an evident part of his costume showing “Njan oodupu matilla amma” (I didn’t change my dress). My response “yendhu kutta? Please” (why …please)!!!!!!!!!

Backdrop 3: As a sequel to 2, he slowly slides into the back seat of the car (sure the towel is pulled away or thrown away on the closest sofa/ non-living thing (grrr from ammuma) or floor (growl from ammuma)

The little brat winks at me and convinces me in a highly audible voice “Amma, acha-neduthu parey Achu vanilainnu” ( Amma tell Acha Achu hasn’t come!)  ….You know what happens next don’t you..?

What happens if we don’t have the I-am-totally-surprised look ?

Guarantees recitations of the Itchichi mantra on you until he spots his next prey.

What happens if you want to please him and stay surprised?

You’ve earned yourself a huggy-buggy moment … I'd do anything for that you know.

M never reacts surprised as he thinks we are just making Achu act like a fool. Condolences M for loosing the ‘child’ in you *snigger snigger*

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Niv said...

adhuthu mohanlal in your house:):)

cant believe M doesnt react*scowls at him*