Thursday, November 25, 2010

Peachy Presence

Eavesdropping one side of the conversation between Achu boy and his dad.....

( hyper excited ) Acha what are you going to get me from Jaipur?
Get me that car with many wheels to change..
The one you got me last time
Oh that's from Delhi ..then go to Delhi...( with the you-should-know-what-to-do tone )
Sheri Acha then get me those bags they give on the flight
Adhu Madhi ( that's enough)...very generous and pleased
They don't give it to big people?
Fine then make a paper boy and place it on the seat next to you
Yeah! Colour it Acha (For Godsake! Acha doesn't know anything does he!)
Appo avaru nokambol parayum ( so when they look the will say) " Oh there's a baby let me give the bag"...grins at me
Njan peach colour ayikam Acha ( I will send you the peach colour - to colour the face and body)
Then you fix a speaker and let the doll call you "Acha"
Then they will be sure there is a baby with you
Ok Acha?


Anonymous said...

Smart kid! Now he should get that bag!

Gayatri said...

- Jo..Dada dear got him "The Invisible Ink" pen...he loved it :)