Monday, November 1, 2010

Ouch! Bolt from the blue

Haven't been blogging about my lil boy since I have been busy at work and class all through the week. But Achu boy has never stopped suprising us with his instant reactions to the otherwise uninteresting conversations we have.

M and Achu get into the car...
Achu ....swaying side to side and not remaining still
M.... The 'grrrr moment' jus moments away
Achu...sensing his acha's next step
Achu : In an irritated tone "Yendhu cheyane Achu kutta" ( What are you Doing Achu boy?)
Acha looks at me and bursts out laughing...I grin :)

M was at my MIL's whole of last week since she was alone at home and the rest of them had gone to our native. We were discussing about when all of them were returning and when the car should go to pick them from the station while achu was busy playing around....until suddently achu turns and says....
"Ohhhoooo Acha appo inni acha U turn edhithitu veetiva" (So Acha you come back home taking a U turn...since the rest of them have come)

Me and MIL discussing about a cousin. I was telling her how thin ( as in slim) the cousin had become and that she was looking good...suddenly achu pops out of no where and says" Amma I thought you told me being thin was bad...ippomathram thin good innu parayinnu???" ( and now your telling thin is good)...coff !coff!

Updations follow.....


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Niv said...

I liked the first one the most:)
achu kuttan, aadyame bail vanguannu le:)